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Happy Birthday

January 9-Tim Grimm
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November 24-Tyler Grimm

March 16, 2005

Sorry, it's been along time coming but here is the latest updates from Troop 177.

Well, it's been a few years now since we disbanded, and since that day, I have kept in contact with some of you. I will try and keep these pages active for years to come as long as they will allow us. These will be a reminder of where we have been together and what you had learned.

The troop equipment was finally donated out to the scout troop in Kalona, I hope they are getting good use of what was still there. Some tents where also given to the Mechanicsville troop from my under standing.

Some day I hope to hold a reunion with all the old scouts. If you like, you can write to me at I do wish the best that life has to give you. Yours In Scouting, Tim Grimm Committee Member Troop 555 District Unit Commissioner Wapsiketa District